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If gainer (no matter how good he was) worth more than 1,000 rubles per 1 kg - do not take it. You obviously overpay superfluous. Is it possible to get muscles without anabolic steroids? There are firms (such as Weider and Muscletech), the value of the products which is unreasonably high. Good price for the highest quality Creatine - 700 - 900 rubles per 1 kg (depends strongly on the size of the package). Gainers where little protein and a lot of sugar, can cost 500 rubles per 1 kg. But do not get fooled by it. Therefore, when you buy a gainer, be sure to recalculate its value by weight. To find out how much 1 kg.

Be sure to recalculate the composition gainer in percentage terms. Do not mind the size of servings. Since they are very different. Calculating how much it costs 1 kg of product. Choose according to the principle: less sugar and more protein. And do not overpay for the promoted brands.

Now, I think you will be well versed in this matter. Did you ever think to buy anabolic steroids for sale? And do not give producers and sellers cheat yourself. This can be interesting to check out the Top 10 gainers . Where I have collected the best (in my opinion) the products in terms of price / quality.

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More recommend to use the calculator price / quality ratio for sports nutrition . And you will know the truth about any product in general and in particular about Creatine.

From the composition it can be seen that there is almost no fat and sugar. How to get strong and big muscles with bodybuilding supplements for little time? That is very good. Since a large amount of fat and sugar, in principle, it promotes weight gain, but only at the expense of fat. And we do not need.

Furthermore, a very large amount of protein. That, I believe, has a direct impact on the quality gainer . Since it contributes to muscle mass. You also need to say that this protein Gainer 3-component (whey protein, egg protein and calcium caseinate).

Whey protein is cleaved very quickly, instantly delivering amino acids in your body. Egg protein is a bit slower. A calcium caseinate will slowly break down and long. This means that for 7 - 10 hours after receiving Pro Complex Gainer in blood will flow without interruption amino acids. Until you are not Schwarzenegger, buy steroids for sale!

If your weight is 70 kg and more, it is better to take a full serving (160 grams per day). In this case, you will be more appropriate to buy a big package. Since a small package will be enough for a couple of weeks.

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Increased strength. Perhaps this is the only one of the tried gainers me that so dramatically and significantly increases strength. Sportsmen who take anabolic steroids will make faster, better, and more effective progress than their natural colleagues. This has been observed not only me, but also my players. Month force grew by about 15%.

The increase in overall health. Energy in training was adding significantly. That is, I could train longer and with great enthusiasm.

The increase in body weight around 4 kg per month. It was in my athletes. However, I have not increased the weight. Just because I'm in this period of preparing for the competition and restrict your diet to get into the weight class.

In general, in my experience, this is very good gainer. In addition, I personally liked it and taste. One can even drink water. It is very well stirred. If you have the money, I advise you to take it. Steroids for sale. If there is no money, then look rating gainers in quality and price . I think that you can pick up something there currently afford.

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